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Thailand – PADI Divemaster Praktikum in Phuket

Wichtige Anmerkung:

Dieser Text ist absichtlich auf Englisch belassen worden. Merlin Divers Tauchschule und Tauchbasis in Kamala auf Phuket, Thailand verlangt von den Divemaster-Tauchkandidaten kein perfektes Englisch, aber grundsätzliche Englischkenntnisse müssen vorhanden sein. Die Tauchkunden vom Tauchzentrum Merlin Divers kommen aus der ganzen Welt – und für die meisten ist Englisch dann die einzige gemeinsame Sprache.

Divemaster Internship In Phuket, Thailand – For Free

Get your PADI Divemaster (Internship Dive Course) in Phuket, Thailand for free in exchange for divemastering for a certain time for us – Merlin Divers Diving Center & School in Kamala on Phuket. It is also a dive course designed for Non-Divers who like to go from the Beginner Scuba Diving course all the way to the professional level of PADI Divemaster.

PADI Divemaster Course & Internship in Phuket
PADI Divemaster Internship Phuket

Are you an enthusiastic water sport fan or already a diver? Are you dreaming about staying for a while on a paradise island like Phuket in Thailand and go diving daily? Would you like to spend a good measure of time in a tropical environment?

We are looking for divers and non-divers for our dive centre who would like to get a diving education up to Divemaster with the program PADI Divemaster Internship with Merlin Divers in Kamala on Phuket.

PADI Divemaster Course & Internship in Phuket

We are accepting people from beginning of September until the beginning of February who would like to continue their diving education, become a PADI professional and take the opportunity to gain valuable real world experience.

The education up to Divemaster takes place over 3-4 weeks and after that a working off period is required according to your certification level at the beginning of the internship.

A PADI Divemaster internship candidate will be thoroughly familiarized with customer service, dive planning, in water supervision, equipment maintenance and servicing and many more aspects of being a pro. This experience along with the fact that the PADI Divemaster intern will have worked as a Divemaster allows us to issue a job reference to successful candidates.

The offered PADI Divemaster internship program by Merlin Divers dive centre and school in Kamala on Phuket, Thailand will also make sure experience is gained with PADI diving courses by assisting our instructors (planning, conducting and getting to know the course standards). Therefore, if after the program the aim is to become a diving instructor the preparation is already done! At the end of the PADI Divemaster internship program a candidate will have at least 100 – 150 dives.

Highlights of Divemaster Course:

Living on one of the most beautiful and famous islands in the world – Phuket in Thailand – enjoying the culture and living style of the Thai society in a tropical environment and at the same time experiencing a completely new world – the incredible variety of the aquatic realm of the Andaman sea. Many PADI Divemaster internship candidates have by the end of the program seen almost all famous things there are to encounter for divers – from whale sharks, manta rays, various other sharks and turtles to ghost pipe fishes, seahorses and different nudibranchs – not to mention the typical lion fish, scorpion fish and different kind of moray eels. Since Phuket island in Thailand is such a popular tourist destination you will be in constant contact with all kinds of people from all over the world. Diving being a very social activity – just the team you learn and work with provide an unforgettable time in terms of team work, camaraderie and shared experiences. Everyone that we deal with is of course on holiday hence happy, cheerful and looking to have a great time. Consequently, it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new people from very diverse walks of life and make new friends. Our team helps create holiday memories for visitors and become part of their memories for life.

Diving Qualifications / Skills Needed:

  • minimum age 18 years
  • competent swimmer
  • physically and mentally fit for scuba diving
  • basic English communication skills required
  • sufficient funds for living on Phuket for the duration of your stay

Diving Equipment Requirements:

A candidate needs to have her/ his own diving including a dive computer.

For a candidate that needs to get her/ his equipment if we offer 2 options:

  1. get second-hand gear from our rental stock – in excellent condition for an excellent price
  2. buy brand new gear for 30% of the trade price through our trade partners

Merlin Divers Dive Center & School Mission Statement:

Turning non-divers and already qualified divers into highly experienced and professional PADI Divemasters with the ability after the program to go to the next professional level – PADI diving instructor.