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Enriched Air, Nitrox Course in Phuket

PADI Nitrox Enriched Air course in Phuket

“Where can I do my Nitrox Course in Phuket?”

PADI Enriched Air or more commonly called the PADI Nitrox Course is the most popular specialty course.

What is Nitrox and why dive using Nitrox?  Nitrox is a mixture like air but with less Nitrogen and more Oxygen, Air is 79% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen whereas Nitrox for recreation divers contains between 78% and 60% Nitrogen and between 22% and 40% Oxygen.

Nitrox Course in Phuket

The main benefit of using Nitrox is less exposure to Nitrogen which has a number of advantages.  The lower exposure to Nitrogen means longer no-decompression times, these can be much longer, almost twice as long on a first dive and potentially much longer on multiple dives such as on a liveaboard.  Divers also feel less tired when diving on Nitrox because of the lower exposure to Nitrogen.

There are additional safety concerns when diving with Nitrox, which is why you must be a qualified Nitrox diver to use Nitrox.

The Enriched Air Course is now a very short and easy course and does not have to include any dives.

For more information contact Merlin divers.