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Kamala Dive Sites

Kamala Dive Sites

Along the west coast of Phuket there are a handful of Kamala Dive Sites – small but beautiful.

Kamala Rock, Kamala Bay

Kamala Dive Sites - Kamala Rock

Only 10 minutes from Kamala Beach this dive site is a collection of large boulders completely submerged at high tide but an interesting dive site suitable for snorkelling too. It has a large variety of fish such as Fusiliers, Lion fish and occasionally Black Tip Reef sharks.

Koh Waeo, Bangtao Bay

Kamala Dive Sites - Koh Weo and Bangtao Bay

Koh Waeo means Rock Island and is 2 Islands surrounded by beautiful corals. The reefs of the island Koh Waeo is suitable for all levels of divers as well as snorkelers and the depths vary from 4m to 18m but the majority is around 12 – 15 meters. Koh Waeo has huge variety of fish including Tomato Clown fish, Puffer fish, Barracuda and Turtles.

Tai Pau, Kamala Bay Diving

Kamala Dive Sites - Tai Pau and Kamala Bay

Tai Pau is very close to Kamala and consists of a bay with shallow sandy areas and a maximum depth of 12m, ideal for Discover Scuba Diving and Open Water courses and a reef just to the North with a maximum depth of 18m. Razor fish and Ghost Pipe fish is very common here and as well many blue spotted Stingrays.

Tin Lizzy, Bangtao Bay Phuket

The wreck Tin Lizzy is the remains of a Tin Dredger at about 14 meters. Tin Lizzy is absolutely covered with marine life. You can find large numbers of Bat fish, Lion fish, large Puffer fish, Scorpion fish and Barracuda here. Many artificial reef blocks are placed around the wreck dive site and have become home to many fish.