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Day Trip Scuba Diving: King Cruiser Wreck Phuket


Wreck diving is very popular with scuba divers. For scuba diving and day trips on Phuket there is really only one prober wreck serving as a dive site. It is the biggest and best known wreck in Phuket and Thailand:  The King Cruiser Ship Wreck. 

Diving Phuket King Cruiser Wreck in Thailand

The King Cruise ferry was an old ship from Japan cruising between Phuket and Phi Phi mainly carrying Asian tourists to one of the luxury resorts on the north end of Phi Phi island. It was a huge ship: 85 meters long, 25 meters high and 30 meters wide. It had 3 levels and at the lowest level was built for vehicles.

On the 4th of May 1997 the ship hit the submerged pinnacle of the dive site Anemone Reef which lays more or less exactly between Phi Phi and Phuket island. And since that day Phuket had it’s first prober wreck for scuba diving.

Phuket Wreck Diving King Cruiser 

The vessel is now a popular recreational dive site and sits at the bottom of the sea floor the way it once was floating above the water. Over the years however the wreck started to collapse. Once the wreck dive started at 12 metres of depth now now the first remains you find at a depth of about 17 – 18 meters.

Within and around the wreck there is lots of coral growth and an abundance of fish. Since there are not many places for the fishes to hide within the bay of Phang Nga on the wreck you always find a lot of fishes and schools of fishes.

Soft corals started to grow all over the ship. And with the marine sea life that came along with it the King Cruiser wreck is not only worth for wrecker divers; it is a superb dive site for all recreational scuba divers to visit while diving in the waters around Phuket.

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