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High Season on Phuket – let’s go diving


The weather made us wait – wait a long time this year. The winds during the monsoon months on Phuket coming in from the west looked like they didn’t want to turn around. We have had really stable conditions now only for the last couple of days. Now that the wind has subsided or is coming in very gently from the eastern side we can go out again on our local dive sites and the diving conditions have improved day by day.

Koh Weo and Tin Lizzy – both dive sites had visibility up to 15 – 30 meter – quite extraordinary for so early in the high season. Lots of fish schools are around and the turtles have been sighted and every day our divemasters see more and more. The highlight was certainly the big groupers swimming around Koh Weo and the huge schools of bat-fish on Tin Lizzy – our tin mining excavator wreck just in front of Bangtao Beach.

In Kamala everything brightens up and lots of tourists have arrived already. And many of them use the opportunity to go out for a day diving here on Phuket. On return all our customers look very happy and experienced a great day while diving.

As usual divers lodging here in Kamala are glad Merlin Divers also offers half day trips. It allows all those with limited time to still go diving. For the morning trip we meet at 8:45 am at the shop in Kamala, grab a weight belt and off we go. The boat rides are very short – less then 30 minutes. The dives are shallow but that is why most of our customers easily can make a one hour dive.

After 2 dives we are back on the beach in Kamala about 1 pm – latest 1.30 pm. The divers are happy about all the fishes they saw and are often come back for more. But what they really appreciate is that they had a great day diving on Phuket but can still spend the whole afternoon with their family and friends.

Kamala on Phuket is perfect for a family holiday but also couples who appreciate the relaxed and very laid back atmosphere. Diving from Kamala is just one of many options for the visitors to entertain themselves while on vacation in Phuket. And what can be better to go out and dive some of the best dive sites around Phuket. Many use too the opportunity to go and dive the Similan islands – only a bit more then 2 hours away from Kamala Beach on Phuket.

Since the weather has improved so much all the trips are on and reports are pouring in that everywhere for diving around Phuket the conditions are excellent. Of course we would like to see YOU come and dive with us – Merlin Divers in Kamala Beach on Phuket in Thailand.