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Phuket Diving Prices

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Phuket diving prices over the last couple of years have been pretty stable. Most operators actually didn’t dare to put the prices up because of the strong Thai Baht and this despite the inflation and price increases for many items in Thailand. And now that the Thai Bath is loosing some of it’s strength, Phuket diving prices are even more attractive.

Phuket Diving Prices: What kind of diving service do I get for that price?

Let’s go diving while being in Phuket but what will it cost? This post should give you a rough overview about the prices for scuba diving on Phuket.

phuket diving pricesPhuket Diving Prices

For a trip with 2 dives you need to calculate about 2500 Baht to 3200 Baht. A half day trip with 2 dives in Kamala will cost you 2500 Baht. The only extra cost will be the rental of the dive gear. Going out to the Racha Yai Islands for 2 dives you can get from 2800 Baht onwards.

Most diving trips however offer for the certified divers up to 3 dives. Especially the diving trips to the Phi Phi islands and the Racha Noi Island all offer 3 dives. Prices are starting from 3400 Baht to about 4000 Baht. Always not included is the rent of the dive gear.

How much is the rent of the full dive gear per day? Most operators on Phuket have a package prices for the full set – ranging from 500 Baht to about 1000 Baht. Some operators charge exactly what you rent per piece and its rental prices. For example like this: Regulator 200 Baht, Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) 200 Baht, Wetsuit 150 Baht, Fins 100 Baht, Mask 100 Baht. Tanks and weights and weight belt is considered included in the trip prices.

At Merlin Divers the charge for the full set is 500 Baht per diver per day. You need a regulator only the charge is 200 Baht, a BCD only 200 Baht and the wetsuit 100 Baht. For mask and fins we do not charge rent.

phuket diving prices thailandPhuket Diving

What you think about the pricing of the dive trips on Phuket? One way to look at it could be like this: A day trip scuba diving with all the gear for either 2 or 3 dives will cost you about 3500 Baht to 4500 Baht. What you get for this amount of money: You get picked up from your resort or hotel and the transfer to the pier – which in some cases can be over one hour; and the return transfer is included too. On all the boats you get a breakfast a lunch. Plenty of drinking water, coffee and tea and fruits all day long. Some charge a small fee – some boats also include the soft drinks. Some boats even offer warm pancakes on the return trip. And for diving here in Thailand a dive guide is considered standard as well – a Divemaster taking care for a small group of divers – like a personal guide.

Compared with some other attraction activities here on Phuket this is a very good deal – especially if you consider all the man power involved in a successful day trip for scuba diving on Phuket.