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Weather and seasons for scuba diving on Phuket

Phuket offers all year round scuba diving options and possibilities. The weather and all seasons in a year are good for scuba diving.

Most affected by the different weather patterns on Phuket are the boat rides. The dive conditions change more with the tidal changes. During full moon and the following 3 days and same for new moon there is the highest water level change from high to low tide and therefore the visibility tends to decrease whereas the 3 – 4 days either side of half-moon with the lowest water level change tend to bring the best visibility for the diving around Phuket.

Weather & Seasons for scuba diving on Phuket

The the months of November, December, January, February, March and April are the months of the main-season (also called high season or dry season) and if there are any winds at all they tend to come in from the west to south-west and are mild to moderate. The sea is at its best with sunny and blue skies and hardly any waves: perfect scuba diving conditions.

The months October and May are normally the months of weather and monsoon transition. The weather pattern is pretty unpredictable and the winds are moderate to strong. The highest waves of the year can be expected during these two months. Every year at some point in October Merlin Divers opens the diving on the west coast with the popular half day dive trips because the wind has turned and the surface of the sea is flat and calm. And every year at some point in May the trips to the local dive sites can not be done any more because the wind turned and is starting to come in from the north-west to west and cause too high waves for the dive boasts to go out.

The months June, July, August and September are the months of the off-season (also called low season or wet season) and do bring the most rain of the year. However the monsoon on Phuket is mild compare to the east coast of Thailand. The mountains on Phuket are not high enough to stop all rain clouds and they easily pass over to dump their load of water further landward. On Phuket during theses months you can expect heavy rains but they hardly last longer than an hour and the sun will be quickly back out again.