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Phuket Half Day Scuba Diving Trip with 2 Dives


The holiday destination Phuket with so many things to do and the tourists having so little time but still want to go scuba diving: Half day trips are highly in demand. A dive trip with 2 dives but a travel time by boat less than 30 minutes!

In Kammala on the west coast of Phuket you can find Merlin Divers offering exactly that: diving tours of half a day with a boat ride of less than 30 minutes and conducting 2 dives. There are several dive spots to find along the coast and in front of the beaches of Kamala, Surin and Bangtao and also between Patong and Kamala. Just to mention the best known: Koh Weo, Tin Lizzy, Kamala Rock, Tai Pau and the Nakalay reef.

Merlin Divers is doing from mid October till middle of May on a daily basis trips – usually one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In all 2 divers are needed only and the trip is confirmed.

Phuket half day scuba diving trip

Merlin Divers picks up free of charge from all the surrounding beaches – especially Patong, Karon and Kata to the south and Surin, Bangtao and Laguna to the north of Kammala.

This is a pretty unique diving experience on Phuket: Going out on a long-tail boat with a small group of divers on a very personally level. This trips are perfect for the novice divers who like that the Divemaster got more time for them. But also for the experienced divers we offer one hours dive time per dive; not only 50 minutes like most boat operators allow you to dive only.

This program is of course very popular with parents. The father or mother can book a dive trip between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner. And the best of all the kids hardly noticed that one of the parents has gone diving and before they blinked twice the parent is back in the hotel or at the pool or on the beach joining the family again.

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