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Dive Phi Phi island with a day trip from Phuket Island

On a daily basis Merlin Divers offers a dive trip to the Phi Phi Islands. It is ene of the most popular day trips for scuba diving on Phuket with 3 dives to these famous islands of Koh Phi Phi. Please read on to know all about this Phi Phi trip.

Since the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio and released on 11th of February 2000 with some scenes in the movie shoot in the bays of Phi Phi Leh – mainly Loh Samah and Maya with its beautiful beach a day trip to the these places is a must for all visitors to Phuket. And that applies also for scuba divers. It seems almost that every diver coming to Phuket wants to have an entry in their log books for the Phi Phi islands.

Dive Phi Phi island with a day trip from Phuket Island

The start of a trip to the Phi Phi islands is from Chalong pier on the east coast of Phuket. The boat rid is around 90 – 120 minutes. On the ride through the Andaman sea going south breakfast will be served and the staff is preparing the dive gear for the divers. The first dive site is often actually not a Phi Phi island – its most likely a site on the smaller islands laying south of Phi Phi Leh called Bida Nai or Bida Nog. If the conditions are nice often both first 2 dives are done around the Bida islands. Sometimes the second dive is a site on the west coast of Phi Phi Leh – just passed Maya bay called Palong bay.

The beauty about the dive sites around the Phi Phi islands are: easy and suitable of all levels of scuba divers, colorful with lots of soft corals and of course a very lively and varied sea life. Highlights often include leopard shark, black tip reef shark, turtle, giant moray eel, octopus or cuttlefish. If you are really lucky – at the right time at the right location you might encounter a whale shark.

After 2 dives lunch will be served on the boat. Usually a buffet style Thai food: eat as much as you like from what you like!

The lunch break is used to get half the distance back to Phuket. Between Phuket and Phi Phi you can find the marine sanctuary with the  dive sites called Shark Point and the Anemone Reef. And that is where the third dive will be conducted – on one of them. There is actually a third dive site called the King Cruiser wreck but since it is a bit a deeper dive site is certainly not advised to do  as the last one on a trip with 3 dives.

Anemone Reef and Shark Point Phuket are rated as 2 of the best dive site in Thailand. Both sites of a covered with the finest soft corals you can find in Thailand, plenty of large sea fans and a very rich marine life. Of course the leopard shark is the attraction but more often you find plenty of small but rare creatures like sea-horse, ghost pipe fish and many different species of nudibranch.

After the last dive the trip back is about 60 – 90 minutes and a snack and fruits are served. The are plenty of drinks available: drinking water, soft drinks and coffee and tea. Fruits are available all day long.

Departure of the boat 8.30 am – return of the dive boat about 6.30 – 7.30 pm.

Trips available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Cost for a certified diver: 3800 Baht plus 500 Baht
Cost for a non-diver: 2300 Baht