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Getting ready for a new season: Diving Phuket Team

At Merlin Divers everyone is getting ready for a new scuba diving season on Phuket; the team is checking out the water quality around the island and today we went to Patong to see if we should expand into this market as well.

An out-of-place pool between bars in the middle of the entertainment centre of Patong – the main tourist attraction city on Phuket  was used to practice new methods  for descending and ascending, different styles of equipment were used and tried and various buoyancy ideas were demonstrated.

Individual limits of water temperature tolerances were laid barren and at the same time rescue skills were refreshed and rehearsed.  Ears were tested and air consumption inefficiency limits exposed.

Diving Phuket Team

Team photo season 2013/ 2014 from left to right standing: Theo Bodor, Paul Nebbs, Gary Harding, Raymond Sultan
front row: Stuart Young, Simon Ackermann, Kim Demarte Junior

  But most important for today’s mission and the team of Merlin Divers: it was a successful day of team bonding.