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Dive operators getting ready for a new high season on Phuket


September is the month to prepare for the coming high season in Phuket – at least this should be the case for dive operators that are not waiting until the actual high season has kicked in.  

Merlin Divers is a dive operator located on the west coast of Phuket on Kamala Beach – between Patong and Bangtao & Surin and takes this preparation for every high season very serious.  All the equipment gets thoroughly inspected and tested. From experience running a dive centre for over 2 decades Robert Klein (owner of Merlin Divers) knows that every hour invested in preparing all the dive equipment well can save lots of money in spare parts. But most important is the service you ar able to provide to the customers: well maintained diving gear – ready to get used day in day out.

Phuket Dive Operators

Phuket Dive Operators

All the tanks get visually inspected every low season and tank valves get serviced as well so that the tanks are easy to open and to close. The compressor gets a complete overhaul every low season too – the heart of a dive facility. You can’t fill tanks your customers are not diving – that’s as simple as it goes.

Looking ahead in all aspects of the business is important to be ready: ready for the customers and not getting distracted by maintenance work you should have done in the quiet time.

Almost like diving itself: “always monitor your air supply to make sure you are not running out of air!”.

Phuket Dive Operator - always looking to see what's coming

Phuket Dive Operator – always looking to see what’s coming